The Pulaski County Health Center has received notification of nine additional case of COVID-19; eight of these cases are temporary Pulaski County residents that are direct contacts to the six cases announced on Tuesday; one case is a Pulaski County resident.

The patients’ identities will remain confidential. The Pulaski County Health Center is currently working with public health system partners to conduct an investigation in an effort to identify any individual that may have come in close contact with one of the positive individuals to monitor them for symptoms and assist in the containment of the virus. As part of the regular practice of disease investigation, the Health Department will notify people who have had close contact with the patients.

It is important that every member of the community continue to follow the CDC basic hygiene preventative measures. These measures include: avoiding contact with people who are sick, covering coughs and sneezes, proper hand-washing, cleaning frequently used surfaces, and staying home when sick. If you go out into public places extra modes of precaution can be practiced to help mitigate spread into your household: wear a mask when in the public, remove shoes before going back into your home, change and wash clothing, and wash your hands and possibly even shower.