New Phone Law Is Making Progress

One text could take approximately  4.6 seconds to read which is equivalent to the length of a football field, so it’s important to always pay attention when driving. A  Missouri phone law was put into effect at the end of August, and it is doing well so far. Cambridge Mobile Telematics, which is the world’s largest telematics provider that oversees distracted driver numbers around the country, has seen drivers decreasing their time on the phone when driving. The Siddens Bening Hands-Free Law is a Missouri law that indicates folks can’t be on their phone unless it’s hands-free like Bluetooth. Nick Chabarria with Triple AAA says that this law will keep seeing decreasing numbers of folks on their phones.

Chabarria says we are currently in a grace period with the new law.

Chabarria is hopeful the new law will keep progressing throughout the months, and cellphone usage in cars will keep on declining.