It was a tense 4 hours last night for residents on Washington Avenue, in the area of Bland Avenue, Spiller Street, and Morris Street, as they were asked to evacuate their residence just after 7 pm Wednesday when a suspected natural gas leak was reported. First responders and crews from Summit Natural Gas responded and began working to identify the cause and location of the leak. The timeline of events last night.

At 7:14: A notice was sent out about a possible natural gas leak in the area of Washington Avenue.
At 7:33: Emergency crews and members of Summit Natural Gas arrived on the scene and began to assess the situation; the Wallace Building on Harwood Avenue was open for displaced residents.
At 8:44: Washington Avenue is closed between Hayes and Commercial, and authorities also close Bland and Spiller streets.
At 9:05: Work crews from Summit Natural Gas worked to find and repair the leak.
At 10:45 p.m., The gas leak was located, and repairs began.

Then at 11:20 p.m., the gas leak was repaired, and residents could return home. There were no reports of any injuries. We will bring you further details when they become available.