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The Dallas County Prosecutors Office has filed an amended complaint in connection with the disappearance of Cassidy Rainwater.  Today, James Phelps and Timothy Norton were charged with first-degree murder.  This comes after DNA evidence showed that Rainwater, who was last seen in photos showing her nearly naked in a cage, was sent to the FBI, and then were sent to investigators in Dallas County, was the deceased person whose body was found at the Moon valley residence.  Phelps and Norton are charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, and abandonment of a corpse.  Both men are in jail.  Norton was interviewed on September 20th, and allegedly admitted to murdering Rainwater. Norton told FBI agents that Phelps had him come over while Cassidy was sleeping on the living room floor, so he had easy access to attack Cassidy. Norton stated, after entering the house, he held Cassidy’s legs down while Phelps strangled her and placed a bag over her head. Norton stated that after Cassidy was deceased, he and Phelps took a short break before carrying her body outside. Norton stated that Phelps bound her to the gantry crane and Phelps began evisceration and dismemberment of Cassidy’s body. Norton stated he helped Phelps carry Cassidy’s body into the house and placed her in the bathtub. Law enforcement has not located any evidence that would lead them to believe there are any other victims associated with Phelps and Norton at this time. This is still an ongoing investigation. If there is anyone who believes they may information concerning this case, they can call investigators at the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office at 417-345-2441.

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