Municipal Elections will take place one week from today

The General Municipal Election will take place one week from today. There are two propositions and two questions to be decided by voters in selected communities and areas of the county. The County Commission has placed a marijuana sales tax question on the ballot that would impose a countywide sales tax of three percent on all tangible personal property retail sales of adult-use marijuana sold the county. Funds raised by the marijuana sales tax would exclusively benefit county law enforcement, drug treatment and prevention, and maintenance of the roadways. Dixon voters will decide whether they want to support the issuance of combined waterworks and sewerage system revenue bonds in the amount of 5-million dollars for the purpose of extending and improving the combined waterworks and sewerage system in Dixon.
Crocker voters will be asked to approve Proposition A, which would impose a sales tax of one-half of one percent for the purpose of improving Crocker law enforcement.
And voters within the Waynesville Rural Fire Protection District will be asked to approve Proposition Fire, which would levy an additional tax of thirty cents on the one hundred dollars assessed valuation to provide direct support for the fire district.
Doug Yurecko is the Protection District’s Fire Chief.

This proposition will only be on the ballots of voters who actually live in the Waynesville Rural Fire Protection District.

The fire protection district will have another public informational meeting this Wednesday evening at 6:30 at the Fire Training Center at 25-785 Red Oak Road in Waynesville.
If voters approve Proposition Fire, generated revenue will go to prevent firefighter lay-offs, hire unfilled/unfunded firefighter positions, increase firefighter pay and benefits to be competitive with the area, and meet the increased cost of fuel, maintenance, and the soaring cost of new equipment.