(Waynesville)–The April 7th municipal and school elections will finally take place next week on Tuesday, June 2nd.
Seven candidates will be on the ballot for Waynesville Board of Education. These are the three incumbents–Leroy Fulmer, Mike Keeling, and Dan Deering –and challengers, Jocelyn Guttowski, Andy Anderson, Charles V. Slider, Junior, and Rick Harne.
There are five candidates for the school board in Dixon–Jason Shelton, Matthew Mc Cray, Brandon Overshon, Daniel Draper, and Buck Guisinger. Shelton, Mc Cray, and Overshon are incumbents seeking re-election.
In Richland, two incumbents filed for re-election–Carol Schmidt and Kasie Lercher. They’ll be joined by Jordan Walters. Because there are three candidates to have filed for the three school board positions to be filled, there will be no school election ballot in Richland.
Iberia will have four candidates running for three school board positions there–incumbents Rachel Imperato, Simon Edwards, and Kyle Nichols. The fourth candidate to have filed is Samantha Luttrell.
It will be a seven-candidate free-for-all in the Crocker School District. Three incumbents are running–Eddie Bowling, Andy Lowe, and Robert Goodrich, plus four challengers—Tammy Dawn Davis, Jennifer Burney, Brian Foster, and Michael L. Jones.
In Swedeborg, with three school board positions to fill, there are only 2 candidates on the ballot–Wayne Mitchele and Susan Cargill.
In the Laquey School District, five candidates are running for the three board positions open–Michael Rogers, Ron Bowling, Nathan Wallander, Henry West, and Jimmy Helmuth.
In Plato, five candidates are seeking three school board seats–Diana Atterberry, Brea Fletcher, Andrew Cook, Paula A. Cantrell, and Damon Michael Yourchisin.
Newburg has four candidates running for the board of education–Nita Mihlfeld, Charles Mason, Paul Douglas Smith, and Joshua Thompson. Newburg School District voters also will be asked to decide the fate of Proposition Kids. The proposition would allow the school district to borrow money in the amount of 2-million dollars for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, renovating, equipping, and furnishing sites, buildings, and related facilities. If approved, the adjusted debt service levy of the school district is anticipated to remain unchanged.
The polls will open next Tuesday morning at 6 a-m and close at 7 p-m.