Co-Mo Connect, a subsidiary of Co-Mo Electric, is expanding its fiber optic internet access to the Niangua Arm of the Lake of the Ozarks. This expansion project is being funded by Missouri’s Department of Economic Development through the ARPA Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program, with Co-Mo Connect being awarded two ARPA broadband grants to expand services at Lake of the Ozarks and Benton County. The total amount awarded to Co-Mo Connect was more than $1 million in grant funding, with $700,000 in full replacement funds.

This expansion is expected to provide 1,500 Lake of the Ozarks residents with access to fiber optic internet on the Niangua Arm. The fiber optic expansion is anticipated to extend from the Niangua Bridge southwards to the north side of Camdenton and up to the Linn Creek Cove near Walmart. Co-Mo Connect is also building on the south side of the Lake, heading westward towards Warsaw.

According to Jeff Sutter, a representative from the Missouri Office of Broadband Development, the fiber optic internet on the Niangua Arm will have symmetrical speeds of one gigabit per second, as well as offering TV services. This means that upload speeds will be the same as download speeds.

Construction is expected to begin at the end of this summer, although completion dates are yet to be determined.