(Waynesville)–Because of many school districts not having classes the first three days of the week, information about school board filings has been scant.
However, the Waynesville School District reports that there have been three filings for school board membership there. The filings are by the three incumbents–Leroy Fulmer, Mike Keeling, and Dan Deering. It’s the same situation in Dixon, the early filers have been the three incumbents. Matthew Mc Cray, Brandon Overshon, and Jason Shelden are seeking re-election to the Dixon Board of Education. Individuals have until 5 p-m January 21st to file for school board in the state. People also have until 5 p-m January 21st to file for city office. In Dixon, voters there in April will be voting on city council members from 3 wards. They also will be voting for two other city offices–City Marshal and Municipal Judge. Gary Brankel has filed for the post of City Marshal, an office he currently holds.