More Details On Sunday Night Camdenton Shooting

On Sunday night, an officer-involved shooting in Camdenton led to the arrest and charging of a man and a woman who were involved in a verbal argument. The incident occurred at McDonald’s on Highway 54; Officers stopped the pair to speak with them about the incident. However, 35-year-old William Ray Allen, and 27-year-old Marianne Roepe, refused to identify themselves and said that the argument started earlier when they were at Walmart. The officers observed Roepe carrying a revolver, and Allen made threats against the officers. When officers attempted to take Allen and Roepe into custody, Allen refused to comply and threatened to fight them. As a result, the officer drew his Taser and warned Allen he would be tased if he did not comply. However, Allen threw his drink at the officer, and he was tased and handcuffed on the ground. As Allen was cuffed, the other officer was alerted to Roepe backing up and drawing her gun. When she did not drop her weapon, the officer fired three times, striking Roepe once in the lower abdomen. Roepe was taken to a hospital and stabilized before being transferred to University Hospital in Columbia. Allen was taken to the Camden County Jail and held without bond.