Missouri Sales and Use Tax Lookup

The Missouri Department of Revenue has launched a new interactive map for people to determine sales tax rates by county, zip code, or even street address.
The resource is called the “Missouri Sales and Use Tax Lookup.” It’s a Google-based map that updates on tax rates based on certain boundaries around Missouri.
Every municipality in Missouri, whether incorporated or not, implements Missouri’s tax rate of 4.23 percent. From there, each municipality also imposes a tax from its county, some starting just above 1 percent.
After that, municipalities designated as cities may enact their own taxes. St. Louis City, for instance, carries a 5.45 percent sales tax for all business purchases within the city limits, bringing the total sales tax there to 9.68 percent, the third highest in the state. Only Kansas City, with a total sales tax of 9.97 percent, and St. Joseph at 9.7 percent, have a higher sales tax.
According to the “Missouri Sales and Use Tax Lookup,” the highest sales tax rate in Pulaski County is 9.225 percent in special improvement districts in St. Robert. Most restaurants and businesses on St. Robert Boulevard apply an 8.7250 sales tax rate to purchases. In other areas of St. Robert, the rate is 8.225 percent, the same as in Waynesville. The Richland sales tax rate is listed to be higher, 8.475 percent. Crocker and Dixon’s rate is 7.475 percent, Fort Leonard Wood is 5.475 percent, while in unincorporated areas of Pulaski County, the sales tax rate is 5.975 percent.
And on recreational marijuana sales, the state has a 6 percent sales tax, some counties have added 3 percent, and municipalities may impose an additional 3 percent sales tax, making a total sales tax of 12 percent on recreational marijuana in some counties and comunities in the state.

If you want to find out your tax rates you can go to The Missouri Sales and Tax Lookup map