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Missouri Governor signs Wayfair Legislation

The Wayfair bill has been signed by Missouri Governor Mike Parson. The bill allows Missouri and local jurisdictions to collect an online use tax, which proponents say will help protect Missouri’s brick and mortar businesses. State Senator Sandy Crawford said this bill will level the field for businesses


Now that the Governor has signed the Wayfair legislation, starting January 2023, Missouri will be able to collect a use tax from online retailers who sell and deliver more than $100,000 in tangible goods to consumers in the state annually. Once local communities pass the use tax they will also be able to collect the use tax. Missouri is the last state to implement the Nexus Law since a Supreme Court decision in 2018. According to the Governor’s office, Missouri businesses lose sales because out-of-state, online retailers are not subject to the same state sales tax laws that local businesses are.


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