Mercy Health System has announced that due to the COVID-19 virus they have been forced to furlough employees and asking some to take pay cuts. In a news release, Mercy says, with canceled elective surgeries and regularly scheduled doctors appointments, the pandemic left hospitals without its normal capacity of patients. Mercy says they are taking difficult steps to address the heavy economic consequences of the COVID-19 crises. Starting next week and through the end of July or as needed, they will be furloughing co-workers across Mercy’s four-state service area.
Mercy is also eliminating positions at every level of the organization, which impacts every department, and every community they serve. In doing so, they will provide severance packages to help care for workers and their families. At this time, Mercy is unable to provide numbers as they are still working to keep as many workers employed as possible. For all workers, 401k/403b service contributions and matches will not be made for 2020 and annual merit increases may be delayed, as well. No one will be hired into open positions for the foreseeable future without approval of Mercy’s senior leadership.