Parts of Lebanon were heavily damaged when straight-line winds up to 90 miles per hour hit the community on Monday afternoon. Lebanon Mayor Jared Carr tells us that crews worked through the night to get power restored to as many homes as possible, but many homes are still without power today.

There were homes that sustained significant damage from the wind….

The City of Lebanon is continuing to make plans for getting everyone’s power back on as quickly as possible. Mayor Carr said that the water supply is good for the city, due to the fact that all water wells have emergency generators, which kick on when the power goes out. For residents who have debris on their property, the city is planning to have a curbside pickup of limbs and debris in the near future. Regional Radio KJEL was not immune to the power outages, from damaged power poles, however; we were able to bring up our emergency generator to stay live from 3:30 Monday afternoon until 6:30 this morning when power was restored.