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Marshfield Propane Plant Explodes

The cause of a fire at a Marshfield propane plant late Thursday afternoon has not yet been identified. The explosion that shook nearby homes and businesses created a cloud of smoke and flames that could be seen for miles. Investigators say that three employees inside the Kosan Crisplant off State Highway OO, in the 700 block of South Prarie Lane escaped injury; however, one employee was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. It is reported that near ten thousand small propane tanks caught fire, and many exploded, causing many of the tanks to fly hundreds of feet in the air.

Agencies from around the area responded to the scene, which took nearly three hours to get under control. Responders were primarily concerned about the people nearby and keeping everyone at a safe distance. Some neighborhoods and nearby buildings were evacuated.

The Missouri Propane Gas Commission and Missouri Fire Marshal’s Office have been called in to help with the investigation.

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