Maries County Assault Arrest

An assault arrest has been made in Maries County. On June 8th, Maries County was contacted by the Dixon Marshal’s Office of a walk in complaint of Sexual Assault. Deputy Younger recommended the victim go to the emergency room for a SANE examination. Detective Harp responded to the hospital.
On June 9th, deputies and detectives served a search warrant at the residence of the suspect, 50 year old registered sex offender Joseph Newkirk from Dixon. During the course of the search warrant numerous items were taken into custody for evidence: suspected methamphetamines, hypodermic needles, and a female subject, were located. The female, 22-year old Dixon resident Harley Hatchel, had an active warrant out of Waynesville and was taken into custody. Newkirk was not home at the time.

On Saturday, Dixon Marshal’s Office had Newkirk in their custody for a book and release incident but contacted Maries County about a stop-and-hold MULES message that was sent out. Detective Harp responded and took custody of Newkirk, placing him on a 24 hour hold in the Maries County Jail. On Sunday, Maries County Prosecutor, Tony Skouby, based on the evidence collected during the SANE examination, the statement given by the victim, and evidence collected at the Newkirk residence, charged Newkirk with 3 counts of Sodomy 1st Degree, Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Assault 2nd Degree, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.
Newkirk is now a repeat sex offender. He has been given probation, incarcerated, and paroled. Additionally, in the past few years there have been two overdose deaths in this residence.