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Man who wrecked stolen truck charged with Tampering with a motor vehicle

An Eldon man who is already on probation for stealing a vehicle was arrested again over the weekend. The investigation began when troopers with the Highway Patrol responded to Route M in Miller County for a call about a truck that had crashed a fence and a utility pole snapping it in half and then drove away. A trooper tracked debris from the scene and found the truck high centered on an embankment on Bax Road, with no one inside. He did find a wallet and a glass pipe with residue. When the VIN number on the truck was checked, it came back as stolen. The trooper also found 6 titles for vehicles out of Missouri and Illinois, and a black case. Inside the case was a baggie of a white crystal substance, and a plastic container full of small plastic baggies. The driver, identified as 30-year-old Randall Ray Shepherd, was located and arrested about 2 miles from the crash scene. Shepherd is charged with tampering with a motor vehicle, stealing, leaving the scene of an accident and possession of a controlled substance.

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