Man Who Prompted Waynesville Courthouse Shutdown Last Friday Faces Terrorist Threat Charge

A Ferguson, Missouri, man who has been charged in Pulaski County with making a terrorist threat to office holders in the Pulaski County Courthouse December 15th has been arrested in St. Louis County. The threatening Facebook message forced the abrupt shutting down of the Courthouse in Waynesville last Friday afternoon, mysterious to the public at the time, and the evacuation of all who were inside the building.
Billey Ray Winters, Junior, was arrested later that day in a house in Ferguson, Missouri. According to the highway patrol probable cause statement, Winters said he knew he was being arrested for his posting directed toward the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. He said in that post that he had threatened officials because he was upset and wanted them to feel the pain he was feeling because of his wife’s death.
Winters’ post reads in part, “Until y’all kill me as you did her, secretar(ie)s, bailiffs, and most definitely corrections officers and police officers, I’m going to not just be quick about any of this, I am going to make my mark on your county women first.”
The woman that Winters was referring to as his wife had died while being confined in the Pulaski County Jail in Waynesville while facing felony charges.
The Missouri Highway Patrol is currently conducting an independent investigation into the woman’s death.
Meanwhile, Winters is being held by St. Louis County authorities on additional warrants there.