Kevin Hillman, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney, announces that Monday in Circuit Court action, Ian Miller of Crocker was sentenced after a plea of guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter for the shotgun shooting death of Lane Kennedy in June 2018 in a rural area outside of Crocker. The defendant entered a plea of guilty on September 23, 2020, where the Prosecutor’s Office agreed to file the lesser charge of Voluntary Manslaughter and to recommend the defendant be sentenced to no more than twelve years in the Department of Corrections.

At sentencing, Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman recommended a sentence of twelve years in the Department of Corrections. Judge John Beger partially followed the recommendation by sentencing the defendant to twelve years in the Department of Corrections. However, he also ordered the defendant into the Department of Correction’s Institutional Treatment Program. If the defendant successfully completes the treatment program, then Judge Beger will most likely release him back into the community on probation after only 120 days in the Department of Corrections.

Prosecutor Hilman said “I was very disappointed in this sentence and did not feel it was appropriate for the seriousness of the crime nor did it take into account the harm caused by the defendant and his misconduct,” He continued…“It troubles me that someone who is found guilty of intentionally killing another human is given such a lenient sentence. I do not feel probation is in any way appropriate in this case and I will do what I can legally to object to the granting of probation.”