A man from Warsaw is facing multiple charges in connection with thousands of dollars in damage at the Lebanon High School. In August, Law Enforcement responded to school property, when a contractor crew discovered the windows busted out and other damage to their bucket truck, which was parked near the softball field. As the officer continued investigating they found, various sizes of light bulbs had been thrown on the ground and into the outfield of the baseball field and broken. The backstop netting on the softball field had been cut, and fertilizer that was in a storage shed had been poured out and dumped on a Zero Turn lawnmower. The vandals had also set a fire in the grass and in a wheelbarrow that belonged to the school. The same suspect is believed to have gotten on the roof and shut off the air conditioning units, and threw a wooden block through the windows of the school, and through a windshield of a car that was parked by the automotive class building. The investigation led officers to a possible suspect, who was identified as 19-year-old Devinn Allen Reed of Warsaw. He is charged with felony burglary, and 2 counts of property damage in the first degree.