The City of Osage Beach continues to respond to the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic. On April 1, Mayor Olivarri, continues the declaration of a CIVIL Emergency due to COVID-19. The city of Osage beach continues acting in a consistent manner with the Camden County Commission and the Camden County Health Department. Osage Beach Police Chief Todd Davis reached out about how his department is working with its citizens during these times..


Chief Davis mentions they are not out to get anyone in trouble, they are not looking to write citations for citizens to be out at this time, they are simply stressing the situation and asking residents to return home as soon as possible. As far as his staff, Police chief Davis mentions every officer has their own PPE and on a variety of calls, they are able to respond via phone to make a police report. Chief Davis is working with the city of Osage beach and Camden County to ensure the citizens and his officers stay safe at al times.