Local Farmer Shares Story About Working on a Dairy Farm

Friday, October 6th was the first ever Inaugural Agriculture Tour in Laclede County. Multiple state representatives and County Commissioners were on the tour bus for the trip. There were a total of six stops and they included the Wall Street Cattle Company, Still Water Farms, The Bistro at the Community Green House Farms, Hemlock Hills Elk Ranch, Ice Cream Factory, and lastly Cackle Hatchery. Ryan Waelterman with KJEL radio was at the event at the Bistro and interviewed Jessica Dixson who works in Dairy Agriculture and has a Steel Dream dairy farm in Conway.

Dixson says that their milk includes A2/A2 which means people who are lactose intolerant can enjoy it.

Working on a dairy farm is very physical labor, but Dixson is hoping her family’s hard work will pay off in the coming year.

The Laclede County Commissioners Awarded the Dixson family with a certificate at the tour.