Light Up Pulaski County Winners Have Been Announced

The Light Up Pulaski County winners have been announced by the Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber of Commerce.

Six awards were given out. The “Santa’s Helper Award” for the best decorated non-profit was given to American Legion Post #331 in St. Robert. The “Keep it Local Award” for best decorated business was given to Secrest Tees, More & Western Store in St. Robert. The “Northern Lights Award” for best high tech lights was received by the Hall residence at 24070 Stable Lane in Waynesville. The “Spirit of Christmas Award” for the best traditional decorations was received by the LaRochelle residence at 24888 Thunder Lane in the St. Robert area. And finally, both the “North Pole Award” and “People’s Choice Award” were given to the Stevens residence at 111 Paradise Street in Waynesville.
All winners will receive a sign to display in their yards and $50 in cash.
The holiday lights will remain up until after Christmas. Visit for more details and to view images of the winning entries .