Lebanon Police Department’s Senior I-D System Available For Use

The E-Z Child I-D system that the Lebanon Police Department uses to provide information on children who go missing, can now be utilized to provide the same information should a senior citizen turn up missing. Those who are providing care for an adult with Alzheimer’s or Dementia can utilize the system to get information out to the public should their charge ever wander away. Information collected includes the person’s height, weight, vital facts, fingerprints, and photos. Lebanon Police Detective, Sergeant Kacie Springer, says records will be maintained by the caregiver, not the police department………….

Sergeant Springer says those interested in participating in the program can contact Cameron Clinkenbeard…………

Lebanon Police Chief, Bryan Arnold, says having this information ready can save valuable time in locating a missing person. Sergeant Springer reminds residents that parents can also utilize this program for their children.