Lebanon offers energy efficiency rebates

As temperatures continue to drop we will continue to experience rising costs to heat our homes, but you can take steps to reduce cost and receive money back on your utility bill. The City of Lebanon has some energy saving rebate programs available aimed at promoting energy efficiency. Utility Operations Supervisor Tina Bash said one of the most used rebates is for Heating and Cooling Tune-up Rebates…….

Sealing air leaks in your home can prevent heat loss in winter and maintain cooler interiors in summer, which will lead to about 10 percent less energy usage. Lebanon also has a rebate available for an Energy Star approved programmable thermostat. To find out how to get energy saving rebates, your first step will be to contact the City of Lebanon. While not included in Lebanon’s rebate program, replacing older appliances with Energy Star-rated ones can also reduce energy usage and saving on monthly bills.