Lebanon man facing a trio of charges

A Lebanon man is facing felony and misdemeanor charges following an investigation by Lebanon Police on Saturday. An officer responded to a report of a man causing a disturbance, and going behind the counter of a business and taking a lighter before leaving. The complaining party said that the man came into the store with a large number of items, and was asked to leave, after a brief argument the suspect left. While checking the area the officer heard a panic alarm going off in the distance and was dispatched to another location for a man who was inside someone’s car. The man later identified as 40 year old Brandon Jemes, was located inside a vehicle and was refusing to get out. Eventually, officers were able to drag him out of the vehicle and took Jemes into custody. Officers located a meth pipe in a glove that allegedly belonged to Jemes. Jemes was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor stealing and resisting arrest .