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Lebanon man accused of delivery of a controlled substance

A Lebanon man is facing felony drug charges following a traffic stop in Lebanon, on Thursday. An officer reported that he was traveling on Washington near Clark when he observed a motorcycle rider who slammed on the brakes and started to lose control. The officer was checking the license plate when the bike pulled over on Third Street. The driver, identified as Jason Dean Kuhn, was found to have a suspended driver’s license, and the bike he was driving wasn’t registered to him. The officer asked for consent to search and Kuhn handed over a backpack but told the officer it wasn’t his. When the officer looked inside the backpack, he allegedly found a large bag and a small bag of a crystal substance, and a baggie of marijuana. The officer also reported that Kuhn was in possession of a glass pipe, and when he was being processed at the jail, another baggie of methamphetamine was found in his pants pocket. Kuhn who is already on probation, and another court date pending for a drug charge, is facing an additional charge of delivery of a controlled substance and is being held without bond.

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