Lebanon City Council heard budget presentations for the fiscal year 2021, from department heads during Thursday work session. According to City Administrator Mike Schumacher, there will be three top priorities, addressing traffic flow, improving code enforcement, and maintenance of city streets and buildings. Finance Director Kat Gil gave an overview of balances during the meeting….

According to City Administrator, Mike Schumacher, with COVID 19 there are a lot of unknowns. For general Revenue Forecast a 5 percent decline in sales revenue with 7 percent across the board, 9 positions frozen until January 1st, but will continue to evaluate the situation. The city is in a strong position to face the challenges as a result of strong revenue and has already reduced expenditures across the board, new capital projects will be reviewed for necessity and impact. But projects funded by the capital improvement tax and planned are continuing. Here’s Fiance Director Kat Gil…

Gil said after reviewing past trends, during economic downturns, 5 percent is a good target. She said they are considering that some people are delaying purchases for now..

City Council heard presentations from Public Safety. Lebanon Fire Chief Sam Schneider presented his proposed budget which included hiring a deputy fire chief at cost of $56,300, Facility maintenance at around $93,000, a quick attack small fire engine at $330,000, a staff vehicle $43,000, P.P.E. at $85,000, and cardiac monitors $60,000.
Police Chief Brian Arnold presented his budget requests to City Council. He proposed purchases included Patrol cars, digital forensics, EZ Child IDcchild identification program. Chief Arnold is also requesting training for active shooter response and evidence room training. He also requested 4 additional personnel with a priority going to squad coverage.