The Lebanon City Council once again held the regular meeting for the public to view virtually. Some Council members were in chambers while other members and some staff members joined via Zoom.
The second reading on the Council Bill related to sewer use and wastewater treatment was considered by the Council. Public Works Director Richard Shockley spoke to the bill at the last meeting…

Council approved the ordinance. In other business, Lebanon City Council gave approval for the purchase of 6 feeder swing panels for Substation 1 and 2 from Electrical Power Products Inc. with a low bid of $42,185.00. They also gave approval of the purchase of electric insulators from Fletcher Reinhardt Company. Electric Department Supervisor Travis Long told the council that during inspections and replacements they are finding the current insulators are brittle and break easily. The new polymer insulators are much better and are expected to last longer. The bid from Fletcher Reinhardt with a bid of $19,410.00. Long also asked for approval to purchase Electric TripSavers from the Border States with a bid of $21,970.00. According to staff, they will reduce labor and maintenance costs due to fewer tree/small animal-related outages. The purchase was approved unanimously. Irby Utilities was approved to be the supplier of Transformers for the Electric Department with a bid of $107,107.00. Council approved the purchase of Fiber materials for the City well system. The current radio operating system isn’t compatible with the SCADA system. The approved purchase cost was $17,580 from Show-me Technologies.
Toth and Associates agreement was approved for one year for survey, design and easement preparation of the Ivey and Beck Lane infrastructure. In other business, council approved the purchase of LED light bars, and siren warning accessories from NROUTE Enterprises. According to Chief Brian Arnold, they have older vehicles that need to be replaced, and some of the equipment is in worse shape than the cars. The light bars sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Chief Brian Arnold told the council that some of the wiring is in bad shape presenting a safety hazard for the officers. The city has been replacing about 3 vehicles a year, but have not been replacing the equipment. Mayor Carr said they have a plan to be more cost-effective in the future..

The agreement for Downtown Lebanon maintenance services by Laclede Industries is the same as last year, with the cost being split between the City and the Downtown Business District.
Dunn Mowing was approved for facility lawn maintenance services. The agreement with Cahills Construction for the renovation of the Kenneth E Cowan Civic Center was approved by City Council at a cost of $933-thousand. The civic center is currently closed til the end of April, and the contractor will work around the events during the 240 day contracted time frame.