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Lebanon City Council Holds Public Hearings

Lebanon City Council held a public hearing on the expansion of the Lebanon Special Business District, which is located downtown. City Clerk Laina Starnes said property owners in Downtown Lebanon petitioned the expansion of the Special Business District. Starnes said the next step would include another public hearing with information and an ordinance at the June 14th meeting.



In other business, Council held a public hearing and considered approving the Chapter 353 Redevelopment Plan for the Elm Street Corridor. Randy Sutter spoke to City Council


The area considered consists of about 31 acres owned by Headly Enterprises and the Lebanon Neighborhood Redevelopment Corporation. What was approved by Lebanon City Council is a 20-year plan with the first 10 years of improvements abated at 100 percent while the second 10 years would provide a 50 percent abatement of land and improvements.

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