Lebanon City Council Highlights

Lebanon Mayor ProTem Bob Garner presided over the Monday night meeting of Lebanon City Council, beginning with the approval of resolutions that included the appointment of Mike Schumacher to the Elm Street Corridor Community Improvement District Board and the appointment of Councilwoman Sheila Mitchell to the Personnel Board.

In a public hearing, Joe Berkich presented the final plat of the Visionary Air Subdivision next to the Floyd W Jones Airport and People Subdivision Texas Avenue. Both ordinances were approved by the Council. Berkich presented a proposal to purchase 16 Garage Doors at a cost of $46,688 from Mid Missouri Garage Doors, which was approved, and requested the purchase of a bumper hitch tilt trailer from West Gate Trailers at a cost of just over $ 86 hundred dollars. Councilman Dan Mizell, who recently attended council training, asked if it would be better if the purchase limit was changed so that staff wouldn’t have to come to council to make purchase requests.



Berkich said it might, but some of the departments have fairly large capital purchases. Another

Purchase request was from Electric Department Supervisor Travis Long on the purchase of Transformers for the Electric Department, with the lowest bid coming from Graybar Electric Company at a cost of $369,000. There is a significant lead time on the purchase, including as much as 52 months or more. Regional Radio News spoke with City Administrator Mike Schumacher, asking about the potential of a price increase after such a long period of time.


Schumacher said that while it’s not something they ever anticipate, the city has canceled orders due to a significant price increase after a bid was accepted.