On Tuesday, Lebanon City Council was asked to consider several purchases and task orders. For the Electric Department, City Council approved the purchase of Feeder Swing Panels which will add an additional layer of safety for city linemen. The agreed purchase from Schweitzer Engineering Labs was $62-thousand-360. For the wastewater department Council was asked to approve the rock purchase for the construction of the sewer main pipe in Flatwood Subdivision and for Legacy Trails Subdivision. The two purchases from Willard Quarries added up to just over $63-thousand-dollars. Environmental Department Supervisor Eric Mork requests approval for a task order agreement with Toth and Associates for future sewer system improvements to Beverly Drive.


The approved cost for the task order was $15-thousand-800-dollars. Street Supervisor Mike Moore also ask for approval for a task order with Toth and Associates for engineering for improvements at the Fremont and Jefferson intersection.


Other task orders for Toth and Associates were related to the layout and drawings for improvements at Goldenwood and Highway 5, including sidewalk improvements, plus curb and gutter, and survey and engineering for extension of Frisco and Wyota Drive in the Industrial Park, along with storm water, water and sewer utilities. The total cost of the two task orders is not to exceed $90-thousand-500-dollars. In other business Lebanon City Council approved the purchase and installation of Gateway Arch’s going across Commercial in Downtown Lebanon. The $72-thousand project is a cost share project with the city paying two thirds and Downtown Business District paying one third of the cost. For the Parks Department, Director John Shelton reported they received 1 bid from BSN Sports for 6 portable pitching mounts for a cost of $24-thousand-499. And Council approved the purchase of an LED Scoreboard for Nelson Park. Shelton said they were able to get a sponsor for the scoreboard and Commerce Bank is going to cover the cost $8878, over a period of 4 years.