Lebanon City Council brief

Lebanon City Council on Monday Night approved the Fiscal Year 2025 Budget. In other business…

From the Desk of the Lebanon City Administrator

Council approved a revised Bill No. 6671 that regulates the keeping of chicken hens within the city. The ordinance now allows residents to keep six hens on lots of 5,000 square feet or more, with an additional hen for every 2,500 square feet up to 20 hens. This change was made possible through active discussions with residents, ensuring the new rules meet our community’s needs and maintain neighborhood standards.

The council has updated our building and safety codes to better protect our community and improve efficiency:

Bill No. 6676: Introduces new standards for addressing dangerous buildings.

Bill No. 6677: Updates our building codes to the 2021 standards from the previous 2006 version. This update is crucial for improving our community’s safety and efficiency and could positively impact our ISO ratings, which influence local insurance costs and reflect our fire protection capabilities.

Bill No. 6678 adopts the FY 2025 budget, which is a crucial tool for funding the priorities of our community. This budget is crafted based on the feedback from our residents, aiming to align resources with our collective goals and needs.

The City Council passed Bill No. 6881, authorizing an agreement with Midwest Maintenance Solutions for the upkeep of about 100 acres of city-owned land. This strategic move saves on the cost of buying tractors and maintaining the land, while proceeds from the hay sales will benefit Lebanon High School’s Future Farmers of America. This agreement helps preserve tax dollars and supports our students.

Mayor Jared Carr awarded Joe Berkich with the Mayor’s Silver Leaf Award in recognition of his more than 40 years of service to Lebanon. Joe is retiring, and in his honor, May 31 has been proclaimed Joe Berkich Day.

For detailed information on all topics discussed and decisions made, please visit the city’s official website to view the agenda.