Lebanon City Council Approves Real Estate Contract

On Monday night, Lebanon City Council approved several thousand dollars in expenditures. Environmental Services Supervisor Eric Mork requested approval for driveway improvements at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.



As part of the planned phases of the Wastewater Treatment Plant project Mork also proposed new asphalt on other sections of the driveway throughout the grounds.. Council approved Willard Asphalt for the project with an expenditure no more that $240-thousand-dollars.

City Council also approved the purchase of Sensus Water Meters and Dual Port Radios from Core and Main for Advanced Metering Infrastructure for $45,803.

In other business Council approved a revision to the quote for Fire Truck ancillary services for an increase in labor cost of about $14-hundred. Lebanon City Council also approved a real estate contract with Premier Real Property LLC for the purchase of two lots in the Lebanon Industrial Park at a cost of $5-thousand an acre for the first 5 acres and zero for the second in lieu of any other incentives. City Administrator Mike Schumacher said there are some protections in place in the contract..




Lebanon City Council also approved the purchase of brass materials for water and sewer, to restock supplies. The approximate cost is $50-thousand from Ferguson Waterworks.