The first meeting of the Lebanon Board of Public Works was held this week giving board members a chance to hear an overview of Lebanon Public Works, including electric, water and waste water. Public Works Director Richard Shockley said having enough infrastructure in place is important to maintain reliability and for economic development. Among questions asked by the board was, is the city prepared for a larger scale event. Shockley said the city has materials in stock and they can call on other utilities but….

Currently, the lead time to receive transformers is 60 to 80 weeks and meters are 52 to 60 weeks. Another issue that utilities are dealing with is cost increases on new materials by up to 40 percent. During a disaster, each utility, electric, water and waste water, in the city of Lebanon, has a reserve fund which is set by City Code, to draw upon, if necessary. Also during the meeting the Board of Public Works members, Ted Dahl, Don Anderson and Jeremy Goforth elected Leann Mather as Chairman. They also established that they will meet the first and 3rd Wednesday of each month at Lebanon Public Works.