Law Enforcement locates Stolen Property Suspect in Custody

An investigation into the theft of property from the 14-thousand block of Fleming Road last week has led to the arrest of a Laclede County man. Witnesses reported seeing a van in the area on April 21st, prior to the theft; and using that information, a Laclede County Deputy was able to find a Blazer that was stolen from the Fleming Road address at a residence on Knoll Road.

This Tuesday, law enforcement was contacted by a resident of Polk County who said he had purchased a mower from Facebook Marketplace and he was concerned about the legitimacy of the purchase because it was only $15-hundred dollars, and took photos of the delivery vehicle. The mower had also been stolen from the residence on Fleming Road.

A search warrant was obtained and 42-year-old Clarence Proctor the 4th was found hiding under blankets and clothes in a bedroom, at the address on Knoll Road. Also located during the search were multiple items that contained methamphetamine residue, drug paraphernalia, and a couple of small baggies that contained methamphetamine. Proctor is charged with 2 counts of felony stealing, and possession of a controlled substance. In total his bond was set at $55-thousand-dollars.