As of 2 pm Tuesday, The Missouri State health department web page lists Pulaski county total cases at 30, Presumably the 29 active cases and the 1 death. The Pulaski County Health Center said these cases can be traced back to cases announced previously this week.
The patients’ identities will remain confidential. An investigation is being conducted in conjunction with other public health partners. As part of the regular practice of disease investigation, the Health Department will notify people who have had close contact with the patients. It is noted that *A probable case means that it is highly probable that an individual has the disease but it was not confirmed via test. For example, a physician may clinically diagnose patients who have become ill that live in a household with a confirmed positive case.
As of 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Missouri has 5941 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 189 people that have died of the virus. In addition to the 30 cases in Pulaski County, There are still no confirmed cases to report in Laclede County. Camden County has 35 confirmed cases, Miller County has 1 case and Phelps County 1 case..
There have also been no confirmed cases in Texas County. St. Louis County leads the state with 2333 cases, and the City of St. Louis has another 877 cases.
US Cases: 632,548 (632,220 confirmed; 348 probable)
US Deaths: 31,071 (26,930 confirmed; 4,141 probable)
Missouri Cases:5,283
Missouri Deaths: 165