A woman from Laclede County is facing charges of domestic violence after an incident on Friday. Laclede County deputies were dispatched to the 19-thousand block of Ripley Drive for a verbal domestic. Upon arrival, officers found 37-year-old, Nicole Lee, laying on the ground inside the home complaining of a head injury. Officers also encountered a man, who was identified as Lee’s estranged husband. Lee told authorities she had come to the man’s home to see if his new girlfriend was there. Lee stated after seeing the woman’s vehicle there, she decided to confront them about their relationship. Lee told authorities that seeing the man and his girlfriend together made her angry, because the night before she had been at the residence,  and talked about salvaging their relationship. The man told Lee to leave, which she refused to do. Words were exchanged between the three, and the new girlfriend told Lee she thought she was “toxic” for the man. This further upset Lee, and she began to fight with the woman. The man and the girlfriend were able to subdue Lee until authorities arrived. The girlfriend told authorities that Lee has accosted her at work on more than one occasion. Lee refused treatment from medics, and was taken into custody. She was taken to the Laclede County Detention Center.