The investigation into the murder of Mark Pitts of rural Laclede County is continuing. Pitts was found dead inside his home on July 2, 2020, by a relative. “We have completed a number of interviews of persons of interest as well as family members, and people who knew the victim. “The interviews have allowed us to narrow the focus of the investigation in regards to developing a suspect. We have been able to establish a definitive timeline in regards to the events prior to the killing,” the Sheriff said.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case with assistance from the Missouri Highway Patrol Division of Drug and Crime Control. The Sheriff said, “DDCC processed the crime scene and has assisted in conducting some interviews. We have received valuable assistance from the Lebanon Police Department, and agencies in other states,” Millsap said. “A number of items have been sent to the state crime lab, and we are waiting for lab results. It is difficult to predict when those tests will be completed.”

“I want to ensure the family and the community that progress is being made in the case, however, as in any murder investigation, we do not want to play out the investigation in the media, or on social media, until the investigation is complete and a suspect is arrested,” the Sheriff said. “I know this type of crime puts the community on edge and there is a desire to want more information, and we will certainly release information, in regards to overall public safety, however, we will not release information that jeopardizes or compromises the investigation, “ the Sheriff added.

The victim’s truck is missing from the scene of the crime and has not been located. The truck is as a 1999 Red Chevrolet Silverado, with Missouri license plate OHD-A1O. The truck has a toolbox in the bed and rust over the rear wheels. There is a scratch on the passenger side of the truck.