The Laclede County Commission has issed an Urgent Directive warning residents and businesses to heed CDC and Health Department Guidelines, to reduce exposure to the Coronavirus. Laclede County Commissioners, the City of Lebanon and the Laclede County Health Department have issued a joint press release, reminding residents that your personal health and the community health is dependent on residents following the guidelines. Presiding Commissioner Randy Angst says at this time the county has not issued a stay at home order. Angst explains how they came to that decision…..

Everyone is urged to wash your hands, and sanitize surfaces on a regular basis, limit all social gatherings to no more than 10 people, or cancel gatherings all together. If you must eat out or shop, utilize drive-thru, curbside or delivery options, whenever possible. Limit your public exposure time, reschedule all appoint4ments, limit your time shopping and the number of family members shopping for essential needs. Angst encourages everyone to make sure they are getting accurate information by visiting websites for your local health department or the Centers for Disease Control.