The number of COVID cases, and hospitalizations, is surging in many areas of the country. Many areas are reporting daily case counts that are higher than at any other time during the ongoing pandemic. Laclede County is averaging around 20 new cases per day. Those numbers only include those who have been tested for the virus, so the true number is likely higher. Regional Radio’s, Bruce Wayne, has the latest numbers from the Laclede County Health Department………….

In the United States, there were nearly 768-thousand new cases reported on Wednesday, while nearly 2,700 more Americans succumbed to the virus. Missouri has crossed the 13-thousand dead threshold, with 13,078 people having lost their lives. Nationally, around 830-thousand Americans have died over the course of the pandemic. There were around 3,300 cases reported in Laclede County in 2021, with 96 residents have died due to COVID.