It’s a new month and new COVID-19 cases. The Laclede County Health Department is reporting 16 additional positive laboratory-confirmed cases of the virus. Laclede County Health Department Administrator, Charla Baker says, 14 are symptomatic, 2 asymptomatic, 6 identified as close contact to a positive case, 3 identified as household contact to a positive case, and 7 no known contact to a positive case assumed community spread. Laclede County positive cases associated with a school district in Lebanon: Esther-35, Maplecrest-24, Boswell-18, Lebanon Middle School-56, LTCC-7, Hillcrest-4, Transportation-9, and other-4. In the Conway School District: Ezard-5, Junior and Senior High 18. Joel E. Barber-14 and Gasconade-3. The total for those who have had COVID-19 to date is 3344. 32 people are currently being monitored. 3242 have been considered recovered from the virus. 70 people have lost their lives from COVID-19 in Laclede County.