Today is the day when voters will decide on the various candidates and ballot issues in Laclede County. On the ballot is a question that will impact consumers in Laclede County and that is the countywide sales tax of 3 percent on the retail sales of adult-use marijuana sold in Laclede County. A similar question is on the ballot for voters in the City of Lebanon; once again imposing a 3 percent sales tax on adult-use recreational marijuana, while the Laclede County ballot question doesn’t specify how the money will be used, the City of Lebanon has specified that the sales tax collected would be used to provide funding for the Lebanon Police Department and drug abuse prevention. Voters in the Lebanon R3 School District will decide which 3 candidates will serve on the board of education for a 3-year term, and one candidate for a one-year unexpired term. There is also one position that will decide on the Phillipsburg Special Road District

The Joel E Barber School District, Laclede County R-1 Conway, Dallas County R-1, Richland School District, and Camdenton R3 will decide on 3 candidates, as will Hickory County R-1. All of the Lebanon City Council Wards are unopposed, as are those running for Board of Trustee or City Council positions in Evergreen, Conway, and Richland except Ward 1, Phillipsburg has one position open for a write-in, as does the Hazelgreen Fire Protection District Board where there are two positions open, and Nebo Falco Fire Protection District has one unexpired term with no candidates. There are several locations that will not have an election because they have an equal number of candidates to the number of seats available. The polls will close at 7pm. Regional Radio KJEL 103.7 will have results of the election after the polls close tonight.