Phase one of the Show me Strong Recovery Plan will begin on Monday. In the strategic plan to re-open Missouri’s economy, businesses in Laclede County are being allowed to resume operations, but will still be required to take action to protect employee’s and customers. In a meeting with local leaders, at the Cowan Civic Center Theater, business owners were able to have some of their questions answered. Charla Baker with the Health Department shared some of the most important things about going out in public…..

People are still required to practice social distancing, in all locations, and minimize travel. Retail businesses are required to limit the number of customers to 25 percent of occupancy limits if they are under 10-thousand square feet. Those over 10-thousand square feet are required to limit the number to 10 percent of maximum occupancy. Best practice for when you, as a customer enter a business; read any posted notices, and follow any instructions by the business owner and employees.