Laclede County Board of Health Meets

The Laclede County Health Department is seeing a large increase in the number of animal bites being reported to the agency. Laclede County Health Department Administrator, Charla Baker, says that, thankfully, there have not been any reports of someone being infected with the rabies virus……….

Baker isn’t sure why the amount of animal bites has increased but does remind residents that any animal that is outdoors in the city limits of Lebanon is required to be on a leash. During Thursday afternoon’s meeting of the Laclede County Health Department Board of Trustees, Baker also discussed the department’s struggle with hiring someone in the environmental sanitation branch of the department………

Board members also approved transferring money from several certificates of deposit with a low-interest rate to a different CD that is yielding 4.32 percent interest over the course of 14 months. Board members also tabled purchasing a water treatment system at a future meeting.