The Laclede County Sheriff’s Office was contacted about burglaries by residents at three different locations over a 3 day period. According to the Sheriff’s Office, a woman arrived at her home in the 20-thousand block of Hemlock Road, last Sunday and found the house a mess and the back door was open, but she had not lived in the house for some time. She said there were several items missing from the house and from a shed on the property. The same day a man contacted the Sheriff’s Office, for a reported burglary in the 22-thousand block of Perimeter Lane. The man said he discovered that the lock had been cut off his storage unit and several items were missing. Then, on the 26th, Deputies were dispatched to the 24-thousand block of Park Drive. The man said someone had been inside his shop building, and his camouflaged rifle was missing. According to the report, earlier in the day, a man had been spotted walking along the road on Pine Tree Drive and he was carrying a camouflaged rifle. Law Enforcement then went to the suspect’s residence, and a search turned up the rifle. The suspect was found hiding behind a clothes basket and was taken into custody.