Kidnapping and domestic assault charges in Camden County

An Osage Beach man is facing charges after a woman showed up at the door of a residence to call 9-1-1. According to a report filed by the Osage Beach Police Department, officers responded to the area and spoke with a man who was sitting in a car with a flat tire. The officer and the man went to a residence in the 46-hundred block of Lakehurst Circle, where the officer was able to speak with the victim, who was found hiding in a closet. The victim claimed that 62-year-old Mark Eugene Dickey hits her on a regular basis, tells her when she can eat and shower, makes her sleep on the floor or in the closet, and had taken her phone, birth certificate, and social security card. The officers recovered the victim’s laptop in Dickey’s car. Dickey has been charged with kidnapping, domestic assault, and harassment. He is currently being held without bond.