Keeping Your Eyes Safe During the Solar Eclipse

On Monday, April 8 a very rare occurrence will happen. People who love astronomy, and people who enjoy seeing interesting things will get to see a solar eclipse. A full solar eclipse is pretty rare as it doesn’t happen that often, and the KJEL listening areas will get to see a decent amount of the moon pass through the Earth and the Sun. The total time of the eclipse will be four minutes and 28 seconds, and it will be happening in our listening areas close to the afternoon time. Pamela Hernandez with the Better Business Bureau says people who plan on looking at the solar eclipse need to wear special glasses.

There are red flags when it comes to looking for solar eclipse glasses, so Hernandez lets us know the best places to get the right glasses for the rare event.

Hernandez says that if you have glasses left over from 2017 she recommends getting new safe glasses. has vendors that people can look at when it comes to purchasing those safety glasses.

The next total solar eclipse in the United States will be in 2044.