Keeping Pets Safe During the Hot Days

The heat can be very hard on folks and animals. Keeping animals safe during the hot days is something that people need to be aware of. There are multiple ways to keep your furry friend safe and away from the heat. If you are going out to run an errand its best to leave your pet at home rather then in the car, and if you are going to be gone for an extended time its best to get a pet sitter. If you do see a pet in a car without the air conditioning on its best to call authorities before breaking the window. The best thing to do is don’t keep your pet in the car at all, as some folks believe rolling down the window is okay its actually not and its not good to have an animal in the car once the temperatures hit mid 60’s or higher. However If you drive a Tesla you can activate dog mode which will keep the air conditioning activated while the person is inside, and if people look at the pet in the car they can see a sign that reads the air conditioner is on and my owner will be back soon. Lastly its important to know the warning signs if your pet is suffering, and those include a rapid pulse, heavy panting, red gums and tongue, and lack of coordination. If you see any of these signs then its best to seek immediate attention. Lets all do our part to keep our pets safe during these hot days.