K-9 unit assists in a drug arrest

On Sunday, Osage Beach responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle that had been parked at a car wash all day, and a man passed out inside. At the scene, the officer found the man sleeping in the vehicle and woke him. The man identified as Troy Eugene Obanion of California, told the officer that he was there to wash his car, but fell asleep before he could.
The officer asked him when was the last time he used drugs and he said he used meth about a week ago. Obanion denied consent to search his vehicle, after which an officer reportedly noticed a hand held scale on the floor. A K-9 Unit was brought in and allegedly alerted on the vehicle. The officer then searched the vehicle and found a metal case that contained a used needle and residue that tested positive as methamphetamine. Obanion is charged with felony possession of a controlled substance with a court hearing set for Thursday.