Joel E Barber to reorganize at Thursday Meeting

The Joel E Barber School Board will reorganize during the regular meeting tonight. The Board will elect a new Board President and Vice President. In other business, the Board of Education will take action on new Board committees, discuss maintenance and custodial procedures, and approve payment to Bales Construction. In other business the Joel E Barber School Board will discuss the 2018-2019 School Calendar and the 2017-2018 budget, as well as the High School Tuition rate increase. Employee insurance and approval of the district paid portion are on the agenda for action, and they will take action on a Site and Communication Coordinator position, an instructional Coach position and School Resource Officer training. Other items on the agenda for the Joel E Barber C-5 Board of Education is first reading on MSBA Policy Updates, approve the MSBA full maintenance service agreement and discussion on the MSBA recommended changes to the sick leave pool. The regular meeting of the Joel E Barber Board of Education will be at 7pm in the old school Cafeteria. A closed session to discuss legal, personnel and student issues will follow regular business.